"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - - - Thomas Edison

Gain knowledge, inspiration and strength about taking control over your own health. Discover the empowering story of a California teacher who faced a health crisis, refused the operation her doctor ordered and successfully controlled her illnesses without resorting to surgery.

Using special computer effects, cartoon animation and documentary footage, WELL & STRONG tells the story of Verna Henderson. After years of unsuccessfully using standard medical treatments for her hiatal hernia and esophagitis, Verna's doctor recommended surgery. Frightened and unconvinced that it would cure her, Verna decided instead to explore other less invasive, alternative approaches, hoping to avoid the surgery she dreaded.

A True Story

WELL & STRONG shows how Verna worked with an holistic medical center, learned about and began using various methods to deal with the root causes of her illnesses. By implementing powerful lifestyle changes that promote wellness, she was soon able to successfully manage her health problems without the surgery.

By addressing and dealing with the constant stress in her life that was taking such a large toll, relearning about nutrition and how to deal with cravings and food addictions, and implementing a simple exercise program, Verna soon took conrol and changed the direction of her deteriorating health. Most important, she learned the true value of prevention and the vital importance of retaining power over her own health.

Festival Awards

Sacramento International Film/Video Festival - Bronze Star
Telly Awards - Finalist

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This program is recommended for:

Health studies classes
Public libraries
Health information centers
Holistic health centers
Holistic health practitioners
Community groups and civic organizations
Public and private health facilities
Continuing education classes for health care providers
Organizations interested in empowerment issues
Senior citizens groups
Health conscious people of all ages

Video Reviews

"Holistic medicine is natural medicine - preventing and curing disease with the help of our own natural abilities. Drugs and surgery have their place, but why use them when there are less paiinful, risky and costly alternatives. This film shows that you don't need special skills or beliefs to benefit from holistic medicine - only an open mind. I hope it will be widely shown and its message acted on."

Jakob von Uexkell
Founder, Right Livelihood Foundation

"WELL & STRONG is a wonderful program . . . I believe it has a wide application for use by individuals, organizations and community groups interested in exploring alternatives, and for those interested in approaches not available in the medical establishment. Its message is both inspirational and informative, with an interesting visual style that utilizes special effects, computer graphics and animation, in addition to documentary footage, I enjoyed it and recommend it highly."

Ronald S. Valle, PhD
Former Dean, School of Consciousness Studies
John F. Kennedy University

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