Finally, an educational video which presents leading experts who reveal the truth about so-called "low level" waste, and its severe dangers to humanity and all life forms. They point the way toward safer, saner waste management methods than those now being considered in the USA.

Useful for environmental activists working to inform their neighbors and mobilize their communities to resist hazardous governmental or corporate dumping practices.


Diane D'Arrigo
- Nuclear Information Resource Services
citizen advocate

Gray Davis
- Governor of California

John Gofman, MD
- Nuclear chemist and plutonium research pioneer

Jan Kirsch, MD
- Oncologist

Joanna Macy, PhD
- Author and Systems Analyst

Marvin Resnikoff
- Expert on radioactive waste management issues

Festival Awards

National Educational Film & Video Festival
- Gold Apple
Houston International Film & Video Festival
- Gold Award
University of Cincinnati Film Festival
- Best Environmental Issues Film
San Francisco Environmental Film Festival
- Winner
Central Florida Film & Video Festival
- Featured screening

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Karil Daniels - Producer/ Director/ Cinematographer
Pam Dake - Co-Producer/ Editor

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