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This documentary has won 14 festival awards:

Columbus Video Festival
Vienna Birth Film Festival
The Video Medium Festival
Science Books & Films Festival
John Muir Medical Film Festival
The Wine Country Film Festival
Herland International Film Festival
Houston International Film Festival
Women in the Director's Chair Festival
Philadelphia International Film Festival
Planned Parenthood Federation Festival
Suffolk County Film & Video Competition
International Film & TV Festival of New York
Festikon Film Festival of the Netherlands Film Institute

Water Baby: Experiences of Water Birth

Video Credits:

Karil Daniels:

Andrew Neddermeyer:
Associate Producer/Audio & Video Engineer

Dorothy Fadiman:

John Walker:
C omposer/Conductor

What the Experts Are Saying About the WATER BABY Video:

"This film opens both the viewer's heart and mind to a whole new possibility for humankind - gentle birth in water producing a peaceful people and world. A remarkably sensitive and illuminating film. Highly recommended."
- Rick Ingrasci, MD, Past President
Association of Humanistic Psychology

"WATER BABY is an amazing film. I watched it with my 17 year old daughter who, up to then, had been afraid of labor and birth. But after viewing the peaceful, calm and beautiful faces of both mothers and their babies at birth, she was excited and exclaimed, "How beautiful!" Everyone interested in supporting the optimal health of mothers and babies needs to see this uplifting and transformational film."
- Christiane Northrup, MD, Author
"Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom"

"The single best source of information on water birth that I've experienced. Both inspirational and educational. Done with objectivity and sensitivity, it held my attention like a magnet. A must for all parents and health professionals who are interested in exploring optimal methods of birthing."
- Ronald Valle, PhD, Past Dean
School of Consciousness Studies, JFK University

"WATER BABY is an excellent, informative, educational tool comprising the most complete information available worldwide on this new gentle birth method. As a mother of two water babies, I say 'thank you, Karil'."
- Barbara Harper, RN
Former SW Dir., American Holistic Nurses Assn.

"A responsible and beautifully conceived presentation."
- Rick Kozlenko, DPM, Mill Valley, CA

"Marvelous, absolutely super!"
- Jessica Mitford
Author of "The American Way of Birth"

"Enlightening and thrilling."
- Jessica Berger
American Medical Women's Association
New York University Medical Center

"WATER BABY is exciting, well balanced and should be seen by all pregnant women and the professionals who attend them. For her last pregnancy my wife labored in water and found it very helpful. Had we seen this film three months earlier, I would have urged her to deliver our third baby in water."
- Richard Shames, MD, Mill Valley, CA

"WATER BABY is a fascinating film done in an objective and even-handed manner. It presents an interesting new approach to birthing which seems to empower women and may result in major positive changes in their self-image. This unique film challenges current birthing practices and convinced me that water birth could be a useful addition to modern obstetrics."
- Mark M. Jacobs, MD, Associate Professor
Dept. OB/GYN & Reproductive Sciences, UCSF

"By creating this educational video about water birth, Karil Daniels has ushered us one step closer to a peaceful world . . . this film is a must for anyone interested in exploring water birthing."
- Lee Perry, Editor
Whole Life Times, Los Angeles

"The most intriguing of the new birth films . . .WATER BABY will forever change the way we encounter birth . . . the best investigative reporting . . . my highest recommend."
- Jeanine Parvati Baker, Author
"Prenatal Yoga & Natural Birth" and other birth books

" . . . WATER BABY will knock your socks off . . . an important film."
- Lori Woolpert, Reviewer, Whole Earth Review

"Very interesting. Great to learn about new concepts. This film created more curiosity and discussion than perhaps any other film we have shown."
- Monongalia General Hospital

"Karil Daniels has created a beautiful and informative video on waterbirthing, which may just be the best way to deliver a baby. If you are going to have a baby, check this out!"
- William S. Eidelman, MD

"A beautiful, sensitive presentation . . . WATER BABY is an important film that makes a valuable contribution not only to the individual viewers, but also to the field of human development as it invites further study into the effects of a waterbirth experience on the growth of the child."
- Jonathan Parker, PhD, Founder
Institute of Human Development

" . . . technically excellent while sensitive. This video presents a complete view, both pro and con, of this new alternative birthing method, in a logical and cogent manner."
- Mary Foley, RN, Health Education Coord.
Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York City

"Absolutely fascinating."
- Roberta Scaer, Co-author
''A Good Birth, A Safe Birth''

"I delivered probably close to a hundred babies as a doctor during my medical training and birthed two of my own, yet WATER BABY taught me something new. If I were coming into the world as a baby, this would be a wonderful way to do it. I wish that my children and I could have had the experience of birth I saw in the film."
- Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF
Author of ''Goddesses in Everywoman''

" . . . sensitive and intelligent . . . "
-Columbus Video Festival
Blue Ribbon, "Best of the Best of Columbus"

"This film is an excellent presentation of the practice of waterbirth in the world today. I highly recommend it for prospective parents and birth attendants interested in this important subject."
-Dr. Mary Davenport
Obstetrician, Berkeley, CA

"Ms. Daniels' film WATER BABY displays her unique perspective and unusually sensitive approach to depiction of alternative birthing methods. I was struck by the depth of her attention to detail, ability to convey a complex message with clarity and understanding, and special thoughtfulness regarding the subject matter at hand."
-Kenneth Jaffe, Executive Director
International Child Resource Institute

"WATER BABY is a wonderful film exploring various family's experiences with labor and birth in water. Many settings are shown: birth in the home, birth center, and hospital. Featured experts are Igor Charkovsky, a pioneering Soviet researcher who developed water birth in the 1960's; Michel Odent, MD, of France, a world authority in gentle and water births; and Michael Rosenthal, MD, the first American doctor to provide a birth center featuring labor and birth in the water. Many waterbirth couples are interviewed and births shown. Igor Charkovsky's water training exercises for pregnant women and children are a delight to watch . . . This film is an excellent introduction for new parents to the joys of labor and birth in water. We highly recommend it to you with the provision that we do not support keeping the baby submerged in water following the birth."
-Susan Thomforde, CNM
North Shore Birth Center, Beverly, MA

"The most beautiful birth film I've ever seen."
- Barbara Zahm, PhD, Anthropologist

"I found WATER BABY to be informative and quite touching. A wonderful tool to encourage women to evaluate their gentle birth options. The audience loved it!"
- Amy Levine, Program Coordinator
UCSF Women's Center

"High quality production values and editing . . . nice graphics and effects . . . the use of water as a leitmotiv was extremely effective . . . Such inventiveness is always refreshing, especially in the documentary genre. The program pulls no punches . . ."
- Ron Marins, Reviewer
EITV (Educational Industrial TV Magazine)

"An important film to show to instruct new mothers about new alternatives in the childbirth experience. The water baby may be the child of the future."
- Educational Film Library, Content Specialist

"It's the most incredible gentle birth film I've ever seen. Really fantastic!"
- Dennis Jaffee, PhD, Past President
Association of Humanistic Psychology

"WATER BABY is a joyous videotape. I was fortunate to see it early in my first pregnancy. Its strong, positive imagery was never far from my mind in the months to follow."
- Julie Mackaman, Past Co-director
Film Arts Foundation

" . . . absolutely fascinating. I admire its geographical scope, the patience that was obviously required to achieve the footage, the tact and compassion needed to obtain the full cooperation of the women, but above all the balance and clarity of the exposition of a controversial subject."
- Charles Champlin, Film reviewer
Los Angeles Times

"A beautiful film which enhances the premise that women instinctively know how to birth . . . very well suited for adults and school science classes who seek knowledge of varied methods of childbirth."
- Helen S. Gaevert, Ed.D., Reviewer
Science Books & Films

"A fascinating and provocative film. The photography, the music and the quiet narration are themselves conducive to gentle birthing. Waterbirthing is brought to the viewer objectively, stimulating thoughts and feelings and presenting very artfully some of the newest information regarding labor and birth in water."
- Journal of Nurse Midwifery

"Hypnotic . . . international scope and appeal. Recommended for use with nursing students and prospective parents."
- E.R. Paterson, RN, State Univ. of NY
in a review for CHOICE, a publication of the
American Library Association

" . . . very well received by the group, who rated it 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5, and found it fascinating and informative."
- Lezli A. Redmond
Information Systems Coordinator
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

"WATER BABY is an artistically executed video that educates the viewer to the caring gentleness of water birthing. It tantalized me by presenting a technology that could clearly increase well being and health in all who participate."
- Walter E. Jessen, PhD
Psychotherapy & Growth Center, San Jose, CA

"Karil Daniels' film WATER BABY: EXPERIENCES OF WATER BIRTH does a wonderful job of presenting a balanced, realistic and inspiring view of underwater birthing. Karil manages simultaneously to be an effective cheerleader and objective documentarian. Parents and professionals won't find a better overview of water birthing."
- Steve Raymond, Editor
Pre & Peri-Natal Psychology Assn. News

" . . . an excellent composition . . . photographic characteristics are outstanding."
- Margery Simchak, Reviewer

"Bay Area filmmaker Karil Daniels' fluid hour-long documentary takes a positive view of the process, and several quietly exciting and apparently near painless on screen water births, to a voiceover of physician and former patients discussing the process, efficiently solve the talking heads problem of most documentaries."
- Naomi Wise, Reviewer
The Berkeley Monthly

". . . filmed sensitively by Karil Daniels. A remarkable trust and sense of dignity pervaded the experience of these women who were allowed to choose their own pace of birthing rather than find themselves scheduled into a pre-conceived time frame."
- Mary Dowd, Reviewer for PLEXUS

"From watching the film I got a chance to experience the process of giving birth more than any other time in my life. As a man, I'm impressed."
- Dana Ullman, MPH

"This film is a splendid introduction to the topic of waterbirth."
- Stanley Krippner, PhD
Professor of Psychology,
Saybrook Institute

"I was moved by the uniqueness of the approach and the sensitivity to the people involved. The concern and caring about the baby and the birth experience made me want to re-experience the birth process and certainly assist others to learn about this powerful new way to bring babies into the world safely and securely."
-Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, Exec. Dir.
Institute for Childhood Resources

"Thanks so much for sending me the Water Baby tape so promptly. I've already watched it twice! The Resources List is loaded with helpful contacts and I am in the process of writing to the people in my area.
-Expectant Mother

"Thanks again for providing the world with such a beautiful and informational film about birth. I'll keep you posted on my journey to motherhood."
-Jenean Estigoy, Expectant Mom

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"WATER BABY: Experiences of Waterbirth" video.]

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