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See a clip from WATER BABY, the multiple award-winning, groundbreaking, film that catalyzed the waterbirth movement in America.

Clip from WATER BABY: EXPERIENCES OF WATERBIRTH documentary from Karil Daniels on Vimeo.

The full, hour-long documentary, shot in Russia, France and the USA, includes intimate scenes of 4 actual waterbirths in home, hospital and birth center settings, interviews with the world's top waterbirth pioneer doctors, and much more. See how safe, gentle, joyous and empowering birth can be, and learn how you can create a wonderful experience for your own delivery.

WATER BABY: EXPERIENCES OF WATERBIRTH is sure to amaze and delight you.

To order this film, which has been honored at 14 film festivals:

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    (A regional directory of experienced birthcare professionals and facilities that assist waterbirth).
    For $12.50 we provide listings for up to 3 states.

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Tip for an
Easier Birth
To create a comfy space in the tub or birthing tank, go to the bathroom section of a large retailer and purchase several air pillows (the kind you would use to lean your head against in the bathtub). Fill them all with water, and arrange them behind your back, neck and waist in a nestlike way that supports you most comfortably.

FREE BONUS: Two full pages of TIPS & HELPFUL HINTS are included with the purchase of the WATER BABY video/DVD.

WATER BABY: Experiences of Water Birth
is a much-loved, one hour film that is considered by top birthcare professionals and countless delighted parents to be the definitive reference work on waterbirth. It is widely used in birth centers and in hospitals, by parents and all types of birth attendants, in the USA and internationally. Here's what some experts say:

"Enlightening and thrilling."
--- Jessica Berger, MD
American Medical Women's Association
of the New York University Medical Center

Email from Elizabeth:
"You sent me a copy of your WATER BABY video and Resources List. I just wanted to tell you that I watched the tape last night and was deeply moved. It spoke to all of my concerns and hopes for what a waterbirth can provide. I am so grateful to you for having made this. Thank you. It is of tremendous value."

Sample Review:
"The single best source of information on water birth that I've experienced. Both inspirational and educational. Done with objectivity and sensitivity, it held my attention like a magnet. A must for all parents and health professionals interested in exploring optimal methods of birthing."
--- Ronald Valle, PhD, Past Dean
School of Consciousness Studies, JFK University

WATER BABY video cover. WATER BABY: EXPERIENCES OF WATERBIRTH has won 14 film and video festival awards. See the video reviews and read what many more experts are saying about this unique, empowering, paradigm-shifting program that has helped to dramatically enhance the birth experience for thousands of parents.

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What's Covered in the Film?

  • WATER BABY features respectful yet totally candid footage of four actual waterbirths in home, hospital and birth center settings

  • In-depth sequences with the world's leading medical practitioners of water birth. Shot on location with Dr. Michael Rosenthal in America, Dr. Michel Odent in France, and research pioneer Igor Charkovsky in Russia

  • Q&A sessions with Dr. Michel Odent and Dr. Don Creevy about the risks and benefits of waterbirth, and the amazing story of how waterbirth was (accidentally) first introduced into a hospital setting in France

  • Discussion sessions with mothers who have delivered in water in birth center and home settings, and fathers who have actively participated in the birth of their babies

  • An overview and analysis of the developments and trends in the gentle birth movement during the last century and up to current time, which shows how waterbirth is the logical next step as we progress toward more enlightened birthing procedures

  • Singing sessions for pregnant women held by Dr. Odent in France and his insightful discussion about the great importance of the mother's happiness and emotional well-being during pregnancy

  • Charkovsky's special preparations for water birth during pregnancy, using unique meditation and visualization exercises he developed

  • Water training exercise sessions led by Charkovsky with Russian parents and very young babies in Moscow

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How Do Parents Use This Film?

The WATER BABY film is very thick with information. Several viewings are necessary to fully assimilate all that it provides. Typically, parents view the tape many times during the course of their pregnancy:

  • To educate themselves and their friends and family about the reasons for choosing waterbirth

  • To understand the physiology involved

  • To alleviate fears or uncertainty about waterbirth and build maternal confidence

  • To understand the dramatic benefits waterbirth brings to mothers and babies

  • To fully engage the father and integrate him as an active participant in the birth of his child, so that he will experience a deeply profound and joyous bond to his family

  • By seeing several calm and gentle waterbirths, parents can actually eliminate the fear of childbirth that society teaches all of us, and come to understand that joyous birth is truly an attainable goal

  • To prepare themselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to have a optimal gentle, joyous birth experience

  • To show to their progressive birthcare providers, in order to educate them about waterbirth, and enlist the practitioner's help to assist them with a waterbirth
Email from Cindy G:
"Hi. Love your website!
My 3rd and last son was born in the water, at home. It was by far the best birthing experience I've had. Our baby, Ezra, smiled when he was born. He did not cry for many days. He is the most mellow and wonderful child, a joy to all who know him. I'm glad my midwife shared your WATER BABY video with me, or I would never have experienced this high point of my life. Thanks."

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How Do Birthcare Providers Use This Program?

  • To learn from the world's leading medical waterbirth pioneers featured in the program

  • To educate themselves and their colleagues about the benefits and ease of waterbirth

  • To realize the value of waterbirth as a cesearean prevention method

  • As a guide to plan a waterbirth protocol for their own facility

  • To educate their patients about the benefits of waterbirth
More Comments:

Absolutely fascinating.
--- Roberta Scaer, Co-author, A Good Birth, A Safe Birth

"WATER BABY is exciting, well-balanced and should be seen by all pregnant women and the professionals who attend them. For her last pregnancy my wife labored in water and found it very helpful. Had we seen this film three months earlier, I would have urged her to deliver our third baby in water."
--- Richard Shames, MD, Mill Valley, CA

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We maintain an extensive database of over 1,000 experienced waterbirth practitioners and facilities in the USA and internationally. This is the ultimate waterbirth networking tool!

We make this list available on a state-by-state basis, so you can find waterbirth care providers in your region. Our listings includes name, address, phone number, contact name, email address and website when available, and a short description of the focus and type of services provided by the waterbirth practitioner or facility.

Sample Entry:

Family Centered Maternity Care Birth Center
Phone: (972) 278-2229
Contact: Joyce Nelson, CPM
333 East Centerville Rd, Garland, TX 75041

This freestanding birth center was established in 1980. They have 2 tubs and have attended over 300 waterbirth deliveries.

The above is one of over 1,000 contact listings of doctors, midwives, nurses, consultants, birth centers and hospitals that have experience assisting women who wish to deliver in water, which make up the Water Birth Resources List.

Get a Custom Search For Waterbirth Practitioners In Your Region

We will search our full database and create a custom list for waterbirth resources in your state. If you live near a state border and would like more than one state searched, we will provide you a list of resources in up to 3 states at no extra cost.

COST: Regional List for your state
Sent to you by email: $12.50
California residents: add 8.75% state sales tax.

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Parents use this list to find experienced waterbirth practitioners to attend their births and for sources of tub rentals.

In areas where there are not yet existing waterbirth facilities, many parents use the Waterbirth Resources List to accumulate research so they can make a strong case for the viability, importance and safety of waterbirth, and then lobby their local birth center or hospital to begin providing waterbirth services.

We are aware of several women who have been successful in opening up their regions to waterbirth, using our materials. For expectant parents who want to create a waterbirth for themselves, the Waterbirth Resources List and the WATER BABY film provide them with the tools they need to make a compelling argument to convince open-minded medical professionals to embrace waterbirth as a wonderful new method of great value to mothers and babies.

Birthcare professionals use this list to identify members of the waterbirth community both locally and internationally, contact waterbirth providers in order to access or share information, learn about waterbirth protocols, get information on waterbirth results achieved by experienced waterbirth practitioners, get advice and questions answered when beginning to provide waterbirth services.

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Thank you for your order. We are sure you will love this film and be inspired by it. We wish you and your family a safe, gentle, joyous and empowering waterbirth experience.

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