Email to Karil from Stacy

Hello! Love your website! I am an apprentice midwife in Arkansas. (I'm taking the NARM exam in August.) My senior midwives and I have attended several women who chose water birth this year. All of the water births were amazing. I am so glad your site is here to provide some sanity and gentleness to the women who are looking for childbirth options without drugs.

We attended an underwater birth last week. The mother never actively pushed, she just breathed as her body pushed the baby down. It was a very slow and gentle birth and when the head was born (mom on her hands and knees so we could see the baby's face as it emerged), the baby opened his eyes and looked right at me with a look of peace and calm, while his body was still in the birth canal. Then the shoulders came easily and the rest of the baby was born. I swear he smiled! There was no (dis)stress in the baby's face at all, and the mother felt great. We have had nothing but wonderful experiences with water births, and more and more clients are interested in learning more. I will certainly direct them to your site!