Orion's Waterbirth Story

I was fortunate enough to have researched waterbirth and rented a 6 ft. by 3 ft. tub for the labor and delivery of my son, Orion. I had the water at about 99 degrees and continued to go in and out of the tub during my labor. When I would leave the pool I noticed a significant difference in "the weight of the world" placed right on my uterus. The water allowed for a buoyancy that seemed to alleviate the intense discomfort of the contractions.

When it came time to push I wanted to be in the water. I was supported from behind by my husband and in front by my midwife. I squatted in the tub and again the water's buoyancy helped me to feel supported in a difficult stance, for about 2 hours, while I was able to push out my big 8 lb. 7 oz. baby boy! He seemed to enjoy the warm welcome that the water provided and I was happy that the transition between aquatic life and airborne life was made more gentle for him.

I recommend waterbirth for anyone who is committed to a purely natural labor and delivery. The process made my birthing more relaxing and it was completely safe. We did not keep our baby submerged after he was delivered but rather he surfaced like a little dolphin and came into my arms. I, frankly, cannot imagine bearing a child on dry land . . . as I tell all of my friends and anyone who cares to ask.

--- Sherri