Email from Natalie

Dear Karil,

I am 24 years old. I live in Utah with my parents and my five younger brothers and sisters. I am currently in the process of researching midwifery and the process that I could take to become a midwife. I was headed for a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have almost completed the requirements for my undergraduate work, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child Development.

About a month ago I started thinking about midwifery again. (I was considering it about 3 years ago, but never gave it a chance.) I ran accross your Waterbirth Website in the process of my research, and I kept coming back to it to explore all that you had there. Then I came to your "Wisdom" section. I want to let you know that your writings have made an impression on my life . . .

To sit and read your inspiring words gives me the confidence, the motivation, and an outline that I can follow to achieve my dreams of becoming a great mother (the one thing that I have been dreaming about, planning and preparing for since I was about 12).

Thank you for all the information that I have learned about midwifery and waterbirths. Thank you for the inspiration that you have provided. Thank you for this opportunity for me to be able to respond to you about these things. The internet gets more amazing to me every day. Thank you for adding positively to it, not taking away.