Mericia's Waterbirth Story


I would like to first say thanks for having a Waterbirth Website for all who would like to learn more about natural birth. I think it's very important to let everyone know what it's all about.

I myself had a waterbirth 7 months ago, and I can tell you it is a beautiful blessing to be able to experience such a wonderful labor!! This was my first pregnancy and it went so well. My whole labor was only 6 hours long, and I only had to push for 32 minutes! My beautiful baby girl was a big one for the size that I am. She weighed 9 lbs, 3 oz and was 21.5 inches long. I couldn't believe I could actually give birth to such a big healthy baby! (I started at 122 lbs, at the end of my 3rd trimester I was 156 lbs and now I'm at 118 lbs.) Still breastfeeding as well, and hope to go as long as possible.

Everyday I give thanks to my God for the beautiful gift I now have! Anything and everything is possible, just BELIEVE!

- - - Mericia