Thoughts From the Fensende Discussion List
Subject: Water Alleviates Pain (Karil Daniels) writes:

I've heard many women say that water labor and waterbirth greatly reduced their pain. I'd like to hear about your experiences with water and pain relief. Please share your stories.

Mary, RN, responds

When our hospital switched to LDRs (labor and delivery rooms) 8 years ago, we made sure there were tubs/jacuzzi's in all the rooms. At first, because the docs were cautious, only women whose membranes were intact could use the jacuzzi. After some research, and a couple of years to get the docs comfortable with the use, policy changed so that ANY woman could use the jacuzzi, membranes intact or not.

I practically quote Dr. Sears (in "The Birth Book") when I say that water is the most effective, least expensive, most undervalued form of pain relief available to us today. We've done some informal study of records from the past five years and have found that the use of medication (epidural or narcotic) for waterbirth moms was cut almost in half.