Mary's Waterbirth Story

I am pregnant and due with my fifth child in about four weeks. This will be my second waterbirth.

My first was born by c-section; diagnosis was CPD. He was 8 pounds13 ounces, two weeks "past due." After educating myself, my second child was a home VBAC. She was also two weeks "past due" and weighed in at 10 pounds even. I delivered her from a hands and knees position and had just a small first degree tear.

When our midwife suggested a waterbirth for our fourth child, I thought, "Why not?" And I'm so glad we did. Ellen was three weeks past due, with ruptured membranes for 15 days. The hard labor only lasted about three or four hours, with the last hour trying to work around a small cervical lip. Once we got rid of that, baby dropped dramatically and I pushed for about 45 minutes. The head came fairly quickly but there was some shoulder distocia. Once she was out it was clear why. The child was 11 pounds 12 ounces and 23 inches long! In spite of her size, and due to my midwife's skill, I didn't tear! I can't imagine such a good outcome if we had birthed her on dry land!

It was great to find your website. The information is inspirational and reassuring - as the hospitals here don't do waterbirths yet. One or two of them have begun to "allow" mothers to labor in the water. Home is the only place you can truly do what you want.

--- Mary