Email from Lisa J.

Dear Karil,

I can't thank you enough for all of the hard work and effort that you have put into your website. We are currently planning our fourth pregnancy, and feel very much lead to birth at home. I have been surfing the internet looking for any and all information that I can find. After thoroughly reading your waterbirth site, and following up on many other related waterbirth links, I know that this is definitely what I want to do. I feel that it would greatly benefit both myself and our future child.

Thank you again for the information that you have compiled and placed on the world wide web so that others may be able to locate such a rich source of information that we may otherwise be unable to find. I know that my OB/GYN never mentioned any of this to me with my previous pregnancies! God bless you in your continued endeavors to enlighten women of their rights and privileges where childbirth is concerned.


Lisa J.