Email to Karil from Leslie.


Thanks for a great web page! In November, I gave birth to my daughter, at home, in a tub! It was wonderful! My first two children were born in the hospital with epidurals and numerous other interventions (I was so naive...) While I was laboring with my daughter, I got discouraged and the thought came to me, "What was I thinking!!!! What made me think I could do this naturally!! ARG!!!" THEN, my midwife asked me if I wanted to get into the tub. As soon as I got into the water the despair left me. The water felt wonderful, and I remembered that if I was in the hospital, I would not be in a tub and I would have all kinds of "things" attached to me. I was so grateful to be at home! The contractions were still painful, of course, but the water helped make them manageable. WATERBIRTH is Heaven sent!!!

And I loved the story from the Doctor. It's not often that ''THEY" are supportive...