Email to Karil from Leilah

Yes! I just love your site! You know what? I went to your site and flashed immediately back to my pregnancy. My sixth was my first homebirth and I was deathly afraid that my body wouldn't work for birth. I spent many nights, when my children were asleep, combing the Net, trying to find a safe place to sit and rest awhile. And you know, your site was one of those places. It was so peaceful and reassuring to me in my pregnancy to travel around it. So I am absolutely thrilled that I can thank you for your beautiful site.

And I am ecstatic that you linked to the birthing rights petition.One day it will be considered a crime to mutilate a woman's body in childbirth, but it will not be one to serve women peacefully, powerfully, at home, as lay midwives like my Gloria served me.

-- Leilah