Great Video


I think it (WATER BABY: EXPERIENCES OF WATERBIRTH) is a great video. I have seen the video twice now and have already made an appointment to take a tour of a local birth center that performs waterbirths. I think you did a phenomenal job on the video. It is very educational and informative. It is also a beautiful look at peaceful births!

It is a great insight into water birthing and I can't wait to show it to my fiancÚ. Thank you so much for making that video and for helping women make wiser and more personal choices about birthing. I know it is the choice for me! This video, along with other research, will hopefully help convince the rest of my family and future husband that it is okay and more beneficial than traditional birthing practices.

The narrator is wonderful. Her voice is perfect for the video! Thank you for making the video and for providing it to ignorant but hopeful people like myself who are looking to do things in a more natural way and who don't believe that drugs are the only way to go through childbirth. It is truly a wonderful video and I am glad that I purchased it.

Again, thank you Karil!