Email from Kate


I started to jot down a few of your quotes [from the Words of Wisdom section] and thought they were so great that I decided to print them out . . . Well, 13 pages later I really was inspired . . . LOL

I am on an attachment parenting mailing list and I am a nurse. I have two teenagers 18 and 17 and a little gift, Tom, 4 months old! I have been very inspired by the mailing list and now by your website. I am thinking of changing to OB nursing, (I have done a little), and perhaps persuing midwifery and waterbirths. Thank you very much for all the inspiration!
Second email from Kate, 3 hours later:


WOW. . . I just REALLY read your "The Secret Truth" [from the Words of Wisdom section] and then realized you wrote it! It is amazing. I have slowly learned some of these lessons. I have two very bright high school students. My daughter is 18 and persuing her love, which is art, and her talent which is computers . . . Graphic Arts. She is doing this at college after high school and putting all the older adults to shame because it is her passion. My son is 17 and a real math brain (top 1%, top in college calculus as a junior in HS). He doesn't really love math though, he wants to design games that use math, like dice games. Now I will tell him to go for it! He's also a bit of a philosopher, I am going to print this out for them. Thank you again.

As for myself, I will let you know sometime in the future when I figure out what I really want to do.