Jonzoo's Story

I had my first child in a birthing center in Dayton, Ohio. I had a waterbirth and it was a profound, extraordinary experience.

I was a little scared when I began to have very heavy contractions and began to wonder why I insisted this birth be completely natural and drug-free. Then my midwife asked if I would like to get into the tub. When I entered the water I began to feel so much relief. I had had a lot of back labor up to that point. My husband acted as my anchor and whispered encouraging words in my ear throughout. It was a wonderful experience even though the actual delivery was made out of the water due to some abnormal heartbeat readings. But the time I spent in the tub allowed me to relax enough to have my child like I had planned - completely naturally, drug free, and with no tearing. I believe that without that experience I would have ended up allowing my fears get the better of me.

I am now anticipating the birth of my second baby and plan to have this one in the water as well. However, I will be having this next baby at home with my midwife, husband, and son. I believe that the water will help me to relax and make the experience of birth even more enjoyable. I am also a member of the Navy and have been forced to acquire my midwife at my own expense since this organization's treatment of women during the birth process is not only appalling, but completely ignores the fact that we are completely capable of having babies without their help. When I called the hospital to inquire whether or not they have the facilities for natural birthing, including waterbirth, they said that such births were unsanitary, and not beneficial. I couldn't believe the complete disregard that is routinely shown to the birthing mothers at this hospital. So, I have made other arrangements and consider myself lucky that I can have the type of birth that I feel comfortable with.

I hope your video and the sharing of these stories helps other women to realize that we have the knowledge and instincts required to have our babies and that waterbirth is safe, and very rewarding. Good luck to all who are expecting their own little Buddahs!

- - - Jonzoo