Email to Karil from Jenna

Hi, Karil!

I wanted to just say Thanks!!!!! for the website.

I'm a mother of three -- my most recent was a water baby (July '98). I'm now going to be teaching for the midwives who attended me through the hospital where I delivered, and am thrilled that I have a website to refer my clients to. I'm a Childbirth Educator certified through CEA of Baltimore (local affiliate with ICEA).

When I found out I was pregnant for the third time, we were in the middle of a move to rural NC from Baltimore -- talk about scared!! I wanted desperately to have a homebirth, but we were too far from any attendants for that option. I hooked up with some CNMs in the area and they let me know that they offered waterbirth. I was so excited that I didn't actually mind delivering in the hospital. Anyway, it's good to know you gals are out there!! Keep up the great work!!


- - - Jenna