Janet's Waterbirth Story

During my fourth labor I knew I wanted to stay in the water as long as possible. Something in the depths of my soul drew me to the water. We had tried to make arrangements for a rental pool but had to do with the not-so-large bathtub. It wasn't perfect but anytime I had to get out I was overwhelmed with intense pain and wanted to sink right back in. The tub was not large enough for me to deliver in and my bed was a flight of stairs down so I left the tub while I could still walk that far. Big mistake! My labor had been progressing rapidly but stalled when I got in bed and became almost unbearable, I wanted an epidural so bad but knew I couldn't handle the ride to the hospital. Finally, after what seemed an eternity but was only 1.5 hrs I had my 10 lb. 4 oz. girl.

Before my next pregnancy we moved into a home with an indoor hot tub and I knew it would make a great birth tub. We prepared for a waterbirth and read as much as we could. We also watched a great waterbirth tape with Dr. Odent and Dr. Rosenthal in it and great waterbirths. (Note: The tape Janet is referring to is WATER BABY: Experiences of WaterBirth, by Karil.)

After a very bearable 3 hour labor our first son was born. He became very stuck at the shoulders but with repositioning and God's help, he came out. Now, for the amazing part, he weighed 12 lbs! We were all astounded. I had an intact perineum, very few hemorrhoids and felt great! I knew even before he was weighed that he would not have come out if I hadn't been in the water. My midwife wanted me to get out of the tub when he was stuck, but I knew that would be a mistake. And all this through a pelvis that has been diagnosed by several MD's as "deformed." They said I would never pass any baby over 7lbs though my narrow pelvis. HA, HA.

I wanted my water to be at 94 degrees, since I had spent lots of time in the tub prior to birth and this was the perfect temperature for me. I will never plan another birth out of water. I truly believe water can be a woman's best friend in childbirth. -- Janet