Jahiya's Waterbirth Story, by Zsa

I was blessed to have been able to have a waterbirth this past summer. My first child, a very healthy baby girl, was born 6/17/98 at a hospital, assisted by one the midwives. I was planning to birth in water, actually. I had planned and meditated for months in preparation for a painless labor, studying the Bradley Method. I intended to labor some time in the water, and when I got to the hospital they let me soak in the pool. I dilated from 6 to 7 in one hour, and was complete within the next 45 minutes. We decided that I'd just stay in the water.

It took me 2 hours to push my Jahiya out, but all in all it was a virtually painless labor. I was soooo grateful to have the opportunity to birth in water. During the first part of my labor, when I was getting out of the pool to go to the bathroom, the contractions I had out of the water were 50 times more intense than the ones in the water. While I was in the body tempature pool of water I could just hold on to the edge and let my body float. It gave me the freedom to totally relax and subsequently have a painless labor. We even have pictures of me smiling during what should have been "intense" contractions!

Well, I love your site and I just wanted to share my story with you. THANKS!

Peace, Love, & Abundant Blessings!

- - - Zsa, the "Water Mom"