Thoughts From the Homebirth Discussion List

I've been doing waterbirths since I started doing homebirths in 1996. Probably 50% of my clients now use the pool during labor, and most stay in the pool for birth. All who have birthed in water say that they wouldn't want to do it any other way. Those who have had previous babies out of water inevitably find waterbirth much more comfortable. I haven't had any client who felt otherwise, or who wouldn't do it again.

I enjoy waterbirths, but do find that the babies' lungs sound "wetter" than babies born out of water. This sometimes keeps their color from pinking up as fast, and tone is a bit diminished. However, this seems to have no detrimental effects - it's just different. Once the waterbabies nurse, their lungs clear up rapidly. They are much more relaxed, as a group, than babies born out of the water. The pool we used is a 60" x 22" inflatable kiddie pool - works great, and very portable.

-- Gretchen, CNM