Fiora's Waterbirth Story

I used a 150 gallon rubbermaid feeding trough I got from a feed store. It cost $70 That's what I gave birth to my youngest daughter in. It was just perfect! Rounded edges, right size for two, easy for the midwife to reach in, depth to cover belly in a squat, sides close enough to use for support but not constricting. The thing I liked best about it was the swirled patterns in the plastic, that in my hormonally-induced high state looked like all kinds of birthing symbols. They became my focal points for much of the labor. I think a soft-sided tub would not have provided me the kind of support I needed for laying over the side, and holding my squat while I moved my legs and hips around during contractions.

A single hot water tank, heated to 140 F, was just the right amount of hot, then cold, water to have it at a perfect 102 F.


-- Fiora