Email to Karil from Elizabeth

You sent me a copy of your WATER BABY video and a Resources List. I just wanted to tell you that I watched the tape last night and was deeply moved. It spoke to all of my concerns and hopes for what a waterbirth can provide. I am so grateful to you for having made this. Thank you. It is of tremendous value.

I had no idea of how well this concept (of water birth) has spread, and I'm relieved and delighted to see that there are two centers I can check out for starters which are well within my reach. (I had worried about being too far out of things up here in NH).

Doctor Odent in Pithiviers is such a being of light. I think the interviews with him were what resonated with me the most, though all the pieces together are what made the film so remarkable. Please know how grateful I am for your work!