Email to Karil from Cyndi R.

Subject: Attending my First Waterbirth


I'm still soaring after attending a waterbirth this morning for a patient of mine and I wanted to share the experience with those who would appreciate it. I'm a CNM in practice with 5 other midwives. All of us are supportive of letting women chose their birth experience. We are non-interventive, so when this woman came to our practice requesting a waterbirth we happily agreed. With the support of our wonderful collaborating MDs, we were able to set up an AquaDoula tub in our birthing room.

Boy, the change in the woman as she went from bed (while the tub was being set up) to the water was unbelievable. As she submerged herself, the stress and tension so evident on her face, just seemed to melt away. The baby seemed so relaxed. Some of the other nurses attending the birth were concerned that the baby didn't cry as I brought it out of the water, but with the peaceful expression on the baby's face I knew she didn't need to cry. It was beautiful!!!!

I think I took her out of the water too quickly because she seemed to be bleeding and the placenta was not coming. But in the end all was well. Next waterbirth, I'll wait.

-- Cyndi R., CNM