Chanea' Rose's Waterbirth Story

Dear Karil,

Your name and website just seem to keep coming into my life, which I think is a very beautiful and purposeful thing. When I decided to give birth in water at my home, I rented a birthing tub and found your flyer with my kit. I looked up your website and it really touched me on a deep level. That weekend, a friend of mine called me and left a message telling me that she had met you at a party and that I should email you. That was when I was 8 months pregnant. Then, just a couple weeks ago, I received a phone call from one of my husbands classmates... she told me she has known you for four years and that I should email you. Then just the other day I found your flyer had fallen off my shelf. I picked it up and thought there's got to be a definate connection.

I have always envisioned I would have my baby at home and when I actually got pregnant, in the beginning stages, I felt I would give birth in water, but couldn't fathom how I would go about doing it. But, my husband and I talked about it and did our research. I knew I would do it and was determined to go with my intuition about a homebirth in water. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl three months ago. Her name is Chanea' Rose.

My husband and I believe that birth is a natural process and a sacred event between two people who have created such a miracle, life. We gave birth to Chanea' alone, without a midwife and without any kind of intervention. We were in complete control of our own process, one I found to be the most self-empowering thing I have ever done for myself. Thank God for giving me such a strong and supportive husband, Peter. Without him, I could have never followed through with such an amazing act from God.

My Body acted as a channel for Chanea' to come through me. No birth trauma . . . for me or the baby. Three days later, I was up and running, glowing . . . I am a women who is self-empowered by the birth process. It was literally the best experience. Our relationship has grown ten-fold and we are literally like one. Our love is strong and impenetrable. I felt birth open up new possibilities in my life I never knew were here. Love expanded through me like I never knew it before. I feel a deep inner peace from looking at the deep inner peace Chanea' has. When she looks up at me and smiles as she breastfeeds, there is nothing that brings me such joy as to know my purpose is with her.

A woman's body is equipped with all she needs as a lifegiver. Support, love and empowerment is what a woman needs throughout her process in pregnancy and then it should be carried over into the crucial time we need it during the birth. We should not be inhibited in any manner during the process of giving birth. Animal instinct takes over and we need to feel open and free in all of our vulnerability. Well, I could write for hours . . .

It is really a blessing to know there are people like you to educate, support, and inform the world about natural child birth. The world needs to know the alternatives society has forgotten.