Email from Angela


I wanted to let you know how much I learned from your website and how much I enjoyed the experience of reading the stories. I have read Leboyer's "Birth without Violence" and heard a little of water birth. I have also recently read "Rebirthing in the New Age" by Sondra Ray and Leanord Orr.

All of it had explained the importance of a gentle birth and I was convinced of the results. That was all before I have even "conceived" the idea that I would be a mother. Now I am pregnant for the first time and it is all so real.

Your website really brought everything into focus and gave me a calmness to try to find a waterbirth midwife in my area. I hope that I have luck and that I will be able to afford the costs. But I understand that I do need to be flexible in my ideas and not hype them up to much.

Thank you so much for the information, guidance, and the confidence to bring my child into the world in the most comfortable, secure, and loving environment.