Anasa's Gifted Water Baby

I just came across your lovely website. I wanted to tell you that my one and only child is a 10 year old water baby born at home in a water pool that was actually a modified horse watering trough. She is what the school system considers to be "vanguard, gifted and talented." She is an exceptional academic student, very astute, and alert, and has understanding, wisdom and spiritual abilities beyond the average child her age.

There are many reasons behind a brilliant child but I am positively convinced that her entry into this realm via the water was an important factor (and it was not even ideal, as we had less information than is available now). I know that her birth experience has a lot to do with her success. I am probably not going to have any more children, but if I did, it would be a waterbirth, and of course it would be a great improvement on the previous setup.

I want to commend you and I want to encourage every mother-to-be to investigate waterbirth to provide a much more nurturing environment for her child, which will reverberate in the years to come. Water babies accelerate in many ways faster than others. My daughter repeated the entire Lord's Prayer (which I recited to her nightly as I breastfed) at the age of 13 months. She was reading at a little over 2 years old. She installed her own software on her computer at 5 years. She was tested to advance two grade levels by age 8 and at age 10 she is in an advanced academic program in 5th grade doing 7th to 10th grade work. She is adept at math and writes songs and poems which address the need for reconstruction of our society.

Keep up the good work!

-- Anasa
Houston, TX